Mapping Requests/Updates

For GAME GOLF's system to give you stats and distances, you must be playing on a course that is already mapped by our team. We have 35,000+ courses mapped worldwide, so please check to see if you course is ready for play at ( If your course is not available for play, please request it by clicking the "Request a Course" link on the top right hand side of the Find a Course page. After requesting a course, our mapping team will complete the task within 7-10 days. 

If your course has been renovated please email us the following info:

- When the course was updated (month & year)
- Location of course (City & country)
- What holes were specifically affected
- What about those holes have changed (new layout, new bunkers, teebox, etc)

Example:  "Hi there, Presidio Golf Course in San Francisco California (USA) was renovated in December 2014.  The 4th hole has two extra greenside bunkers and the 5th hole layout has changed from a straight hole to a dogleg right."

If your entire course has been renovated please let us know that all holes have been affected which will let us know to look for new satellite imagery available from Google Maps. 

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