Nassau (18-Holes)

Nassau (18-Holes)


The GAME GOLF LIVE app now features Nassau! Here is a description of how it works


A fun way to engage with fellow GAME GOLFers in a 3-part scoring system. In its most basic terms, Nassau consists of a front-nine match, back-nine match and overall match all in one. It allows for you to have a difficult front nine and still have a chance to win on the back.


Typically, Nassau is done by wagering the same amount over each of the three competitive areas (front, back, overall). GAME GOLF uses points to wager in each of these sections as

shown below:

The default setting is 1-point but these can be changed to any amount before the beginning of the round for each of the three games.

  • Game 1 (Front 9): front nine wins 1 point

  • Game 2 (Back 9): back nine wins 1 point

  • Game 3 (1-18): Overall for 18 holes wins 1 point



Nassau is most commonly played in Match Play but we do have a stroke play mode as well.

  • Match Play (Default) and Stroke Play

    • 1 v 1

    • 2 v 1

    • Best score is taken from the team each hole

    • 2 V 2

      • Best score is taken from each hole


Nassau games are most commonly played with a handicap. However, feel free to turn off the handicap after adding your players and before clicking “Start Round”




A press is basically one player initiating a second point bet typically for the same amount.

  • Ex: Player A is losing to player B by 5 points after 5 holes on the front 9 (this example uses match play), Player can press the bet which would then start a new bet for holes 6-9.

      • The original bet for hole 1-9 is still in play but  is already lost.

      • Player A has just introduced a new bet.

    • In order for a player to have the ability to press they must be in a situation where it is mathematically impossible to win the current match.

      • Current match may include:

        • front 9

        • back 9

        • full 18 holes

        • New match started by press

          • example: There are 2 players (A) and (B). Player (A) loses the first 5 holes on the front 9 and presses to start a new match for holes 6-9. He then loses holes 6 through 8. He now has the option on Hole 9 to press his bet once more. If player (A) loses this match as well, player (B) are awarded 4 points (1 point for the initial match, 1 point for the press on holes 6-9), 2 points for pressing on hole 9 (since he lost 2 points up to this point the third press is worth 2)



  • Match Play

    • Match play scoring will be shown Front 9 and Back 9 until the round is finished

      • If pressed (new bet) is activated, main score (up or down) is calculating the main bet. The previously tracked bet will be shown as well.

    • Once done with one side (ex. Front 9), the tally of points earned will be aggregate

      • Ex: 2 Points (1-point for front 9 and 1-point for a won press)

  • Stroke Play

    • Net cumulative score will be shown in front 9, back 9 and 1-18 until finished.

    • If handicaps are being used take gross score minus the strokes given for a hole

    • If it is a team, use the better score for the team on each hole and then add it up for the front 9, back 9 and 1-18.

  • Nassau Leaderboard

    • Please note when viewing this function rotate your phone to landscape mode to see full leaderboard with presses and points for each hole

    • The Leaderboard will automatically update after each hole is completed.

    • Presses can only take place before the tee shots of the current hole have been hit.

      • Ex: After Player (A) lost the first three holes to Player (B). Player (A) goes into the LIVE Leaderboard and clicks on the “Press” button at the top right of the landscape screen and select the Front 9 option before both players have hit their tee shots on the 4th Hole.  

    • Once a match is lost or won the the Leaderboard will update to the points won/lost and no longer show how many up/down the teams are.

    • You can Press on 9 and 18 in our Nassau feature.

  • You will be able to find all your completed Nassau rounds in your “My Challenges” page on your GAME GOLF profile.

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