Apple Watch App

What it does: the GAME GOLF Apple Watch App will show you information on the hole you are playing (score, hole #, par) and distances from your current location to the green (front, middle, back). 

If you are playing without being paired to a GAME GOLF LIVE device, you will have the ability to tag your shots by selecting the + button (above image) when at the location of your ball.

Using Force Touch (hard press on the screen), you can access the menu options where you have the ability to change the current hole, go to the next hole, add a penalty stroke to the previous shot, or end the round.

How it works: the GAME GOLF Apple Watch App pairs to the GAME GOLF iOS App via a Bluetooth connection between the iPhone and the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch does not have standalone GPS built in, so it is using the GPS from your iPhone to determine yardages and locations of tagging. Thus, in order to use the Apple Watch App, you will need to have the phone in your pocket or very near your body within Bluetooth range.

Getting Started:
First, you will need to have the GAME GOLF iOS App (here) installed on your iPhone.
Next, make sure that you "Show App on Apple Watch," which can be turned on from the Apple Watch App  on your iPhone. Open Apple Watch App > Scroll down and Select "GAME GOLF" app > Turn on "Show App on Apple Watch"

Then, for best experience, you will want to make sure that the Apple Watch settings are to "resume last activity" upon wrist raise. Open Apple Watch App > Select "General" settings > Scroll down and select "Wake Screen" option > Enable "Wake Screen on Wrist Raise" and Select "Resume on Last Activity"

Finally, to use the Apple Watch App during your round, you will need to start the round via the iOS App and open the Watch App.


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