Insights - Approach the Green

Definition: The Approach the Green section is an analysis of all your off-green shots that land within 50 yards/meters from the pin location.

Important Note: Most Par 4 and Par 5 tee shots will not appear in this section (seeOff the Tee section) unless they land within 50 yards of the pin location. Most Par 3 tee shots will appear in this section, as long as they land within 50 yards/meters of the pin location.

Bottom Stats:
LEFT: % of shots that are more than 15 yards/meters left of the pin
SHORT: % of shots that are more than 15 yards/meters short of the pin
< 15 YARDS/METERS: % of shots that are within 15 yards/meters of the pin
LONG: % of shots that are more than 15 yards/meters beyond the pin
RIGHT: % of shots that are more than 15 yards/meters right of the pin

In Graphic Stats:
Hovering over each shot should give you:
1. Distance remaining to pin
2. Club used and distance of shot
3. Course Played
4. Hole Number
5. Date Played

By Distance Range: Analyze all approach shots within a particular distance range. The distances within the range represent the distance between where the ball lies and the pin location. Note: this is not the distance that the shot traveled. 

By Club: Analyze all approach shots with a particular club. 

Select Lie Type: Default to All Lie Types. Filter option to the various lie types: Tee Box, Fairway, Bunker, Rough/Other.

Select a Round Range: Defaulted to All Signed Rounds. Filter option to pre-defined range (Last 5, Last 10, etc.) or the option to select individual rounds to highlight.

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