Insights - Club Performance

Definition: Club Performance is the section of your Insights that compiles and displays the true playing distances of your different clubs.
Typical Club Distances: The red line and distance represent the typical distance you hit that club. We calculate that distance using a custom algorithm developed which factors all the shots, distances, and frequencies of those distances. Note: this is not the average (mean) or median distance. It will not factor in chip shots or mishits outliers.


Select Lie Type: Defaulted to All Lie Types. Filter option to the various lie types: Tee Box, Fairway, Bunker, Rough/Other.

Select a Range: Defaulted to All Signed Rounds. Filter option to pre-defined range (Last 5, Last 10, etc.) or the option to select individual rounds to highlight.

On Mobile:

The Club Performance can be found in the "My Clubs" section (More tab > My Clubs)

There are no filter options for lie type or range of rounds within the mobile apps.

For each club, a typical club distance is calculated  by a custom-built algorithm and highlighted in red. That typical club distance uses the full swing distances and DOES NOT factor in duffs, mishits or unusually short tree shots. Similarly, it will not factor in chip shots with clubs that are not typically used for chipping (i.e. punching out with a 6-iron, bump and run with an 8-iron, etc.).

We do record the club used and distance of every shot (because every shot counts!), but will not factor it into the reporting of your typical club distances in the club performance section.

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