Strokes Gained Overview: Everything You Need to Know

The Strokes Gained Overview shows a breakdown of where you are losing (or gaining) strokes in the four major categories (Off the Tee, Approach, Short Game, Putting) compared to a scratch golfer.

Definition of Categories:
Off the Tee: First shot on all Par 4 and Par 5 holes.
Approach: All shots over 100 yards/meters away from the hole that aren't par 4 or 5 tee shots. This will include the first shot on par 3 holes.
Short Game: All shots within 100 yards/meters of the hole that aren't on the green.
Putting: All shots on the green.

Update (Jan 2016):
Round Filter: Defaulted to All Rounds, there is a filter option view data from Last 1, 3, 5, 10, 15 rounds or select the individual rounds for analysis

Vs Handicap Filter: Defaulted to "Vs Scratch," there is a filter option to compare the data to different handicap groups (scratch, 5 Hcp, 10 Hcp, 15 Hcp, 20 Hcp, 25 Hcp), which GAME GOLF is able to calculate from all the users' shot data.

How we calculate strokes gained:
Strokes gained calculates how many strokes you gain (or lose) on each shot compared to how a baseline group (scratch golfers, PGA Tour Pros, etc.) performs from an identical position. The factors that determine your position are the distance away from the hole and the lie type (tee, fairway, rough, bunker, green) of the ball.

For example, let's say you are comparing yourself to a PGA Tour Pro for an 8-foot putt. The PGA Tour Pros average 1.5 strokes to hole out from 8 feet (approximately 50% 1-putt, 50% 2-putt, and virtually 0% 3-putt). Therefore, if you hole out the 8-foot putt, you GAIN 0.5 strokes compared to the Tour Pro. However, if you 2-putt the 8-foot putt, then you LOSE 0.5 strokes compared to the Tour Pro.

The same methodology can be applied to any combination of distance away from the hole and lie type.

Using our extensive database, we are able to create the scratch golfer baseline for every position on the golf course, which is used for calculating your strokes gained. Finally, after categorizing your shots we take your average strokes gained or lost and normalized it to represent an 18-hole round.

Note: Based on the typical amateur golfers in our system (higher than scratch golfers), the +/- notation has been flipped. Thus, the number presented in the bar graph represents the strokes you have to improve per round to be equivalent to scratch.

Smart Tips:
The SMART TIPS section identifies the area on the golf course where you could use the most improvement based on the number of strokes you lose per round compared to a scratch golfer. We highlight your weakest area from each of the main categories for targeted improvement and practice (TIP). 

The SMART TIPS are calculated in the same fashion as the main strokes gained categories except it's done for specific subcategories. It factors in the average stroke value and shot frequency from each subcategory and normalizes it for an 18-hole round. Thus, the number of strokes to improve by is how many strokes you lose to a scratch golfer per round from that subcategory. 

Less than 5 Rounds (90 Holes) Played:
For those of you who have played less than five 18-hole rounds (or 90 holes), we will still show you the strokes gained overview. However, in order to become statistically significant and have most accurate results we recommend that you play at least 90 holes in our system.

More Features Coming Soon!
The goal of the first iteration is to aggregate all our users' data and display it in the most concise way possible for everyone to understand. That said, we plan to continue to expand the feature to include more for our users to assist their improvement. If you have a suggestions, please post it (or vote for an existing one) in the following user forum post:

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