Bluetooth: Re-pair Device to Phone In Round

The GAME GOLF LIVE device pairs to your Android or iOS phone via Bluetooth to provide real-time feedback.

The Bluetooth pairing range between the device and your cell phone is about 35 feet. If you don't play with your phone in your pocket, the device will un-pair from the mobile app. The device will still collect your data and function properly. However, you won't be able to view that data in real time unless the device and your phone are paired. 

The device attempts to re-pair to the mobile app every few minutes, but doesn't continuously search in order to conserve battery life. 

If you want to re-pair immediately instead of waiting a few minutes, please go to your phone 's Bluetooth settings and turn off Bluetooth. After a couple of seconds, you can turn Bluetooth on and this will restart the Bluetooth pairing process.

In some rare instances, the Bluetooth reset may be unsuccessful. If that is the case, power off your device and power back on after a couple of seconds. This should re-pair your phone and device.

If you have any more questions on this, please contact our support team.


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