No Device Connected

If you have the GAME GOLF device plugged into the computer via micro-usb cable and receive the "No device connected" message, please try the steps below: 

1. System Requirements

- Windows 7, 8, 10
- Mac OS X 10.9+

Will likely not connect on Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.7.5 or below, and Linux-based machines. 

For GAME GOLF LIVE users, make sure you have Transfer App Version 2 installed. Instructions on how to upgrade are outlined here.

2. Device Lights When Plugged In

- Solid Red = Charging
- Solid Green = Fully Charged
In both cases the lights should disappear when unplugged. If a light remains on after being unplugged or you're experiencing a different light sequence, please contact support with a description of the lights.

3. Physical Connection

-  micro-USB cables (try at least 3). Make sure that the connecting cable is no longer than 12 inches. The shorter cables are optimal for a solid connection. The short cable provided is recommended, as it was custom molded for a secure connection, but any good micro-usb connection cable should work.
- USB Port in computer (try all of them).
- No USB hubs. Cables must be plugged directly into computer. Might be best to have hub unplugged when trying to connect.

4. Device Drivers (Advanced Troubleshooting)

- Open Device Manager (PC) or System Information (Mac) to see if GAME appears in USB ports or COM Port

If the GAME GOLF device doesn't appear anywhere in Device Manager or System Information, then it's likely that either the device isn't properly connected (see #3 Physical Connection).

Device Not Connected on Transfer App from GAME GOLF on Vimeo.

If the GAME GOLF device does appear but with an error, then it's likely that something prevented the installation of the device drivers. In this case contact support with these details outlined. 

5. Computer Configuration

There may be some unknown setting or configuration with your particular computer. If you happen to have access to another computer that meets the system requirements, try installing the Transfer App software, and connecting to that machine.

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