Android Bluetooth Troubleshooting

If you're having difficulty pairing the GAME GOLF LIVE device to your Android phone via Bluetooth, please try the troubleshooting steps below:

1. Check to see if LIVE is paired or has even been paired (App -> Settings -> GAME ID On or Off)
2. If unpaired, attempted the standard pairing process: (App -> Settings -> GAME ID Device screen -> Pair LIVE device -> Discover and Pair device)

If it has successfully paired in the past,
3. Close and restart mobile app. Then, try to re-pair via step 2.
4. If unsuccessful, go to phone settings and toggle bluetooth off and on. Then, try to re-pair via step 2.
5. If unsuccessful, restart phone and relaunch the app. Then, try to re-pair via step 2.
6. If unsuccessful, "forget device" from bluetooth phone settings. Then, try to re-pair via step 2.
7. Finally, if you're still unable to pair on the mobile phone, then perform a factory reset from the Transfer Application software installed on your computer. You will plug in the device, log in to your account, select the arrow under the image of the device for further details, and select "Factory Reset" option. Then, try to pair via step 2. 

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