Do I need to have a phone with me during a round?

You can choose to keep the phone in your pocket, or keep it in the cart or in your golf bag during a round. If you prefer, you could also leave the phone in your car or locker in the club house. We've built LIVE to accommodate lots of different playing styles.

GAME GOLF LIVE is GPS enabled so you can play your round of golf only using GAME GOLF LIVE without the need of a phone. You can check your phone at the end of your round of golf to upload the round to your GAME GOLF profile. To do this, when you get to the course, simply turn on the GAME GOLF LIVE device by pressing the GAME logo and it will pick up the golf course you are playing. From there, simply tag each shot and when you are done upload the round using the GAME GOLF app on your phone or computer.

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