Difference: Mobile App Vs. GPS Device & Tags

The GAME GOLF GPS device uses a higher grade antenna than the GPS found in mobile phones so we would expect that the device be more accurate than phone GPS in most instances. However GPS is variable and this may not always be the case as you mentioned. For most accurate GPS data we recommend wearing the device on the side of your body as the body can affect the GPS data.

Regarding the device we believe there to be a number of distinct advantages for device users over and above the app features alone.

The GAME GOLF device allows customers to gather their data more seamlessly without the need to carry a phone or pull out a phone each time they hit a shot. You are not reliant on phone service coverage and some courses prohibit the use of phones on-course. The shot detection algorithm built into the device collects those shots even if you forget to TAG and makes the post-round editing process smoother. The TAG & Go design is also based on performance triggers from sport psychology that are designed to help you develop an even stronger pre-shot routine.

Overall we see that the TAG & GO with the device is a more convenient and less intrusive way for golfers to enjoy their round of golf.

Another key difference that you may be familiar with is that the GAME GOLF device is PGA and R&A compliant for tournament use, thus you can use it in any and all competitions. At this time no other phone / device has the same level of approval.

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